What a day this has been without a single mosquito bite.  I know that they have not disappeared but are simply waiting for the next opportunity to attack us.  We wait for months for this time of the year when we can comfortably sit outside, only to be outwitted by these nasty pests and yet, when they finally do vanish in the heat of summer, it is often too hot to sit outdoors.  For one reason or another I did not see today’s visitors but I am always glad when they do come here.  We sang better than usual at Vespers thanks to Larissa, moreover, I served fully for the first time in ages, as I was able to do the censing and the rest without having to use a cane.  This was possibly the highlight of the day, that I could freely serve instead of standing, or even sitting , at the kliros as I had been doing for months.  Father Moses got locked in the konak and could not get out other than jumping off the balcony, but Kirill got the door open, although the door knob must be changed, since we do not want a ladder set up against the balcony.

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