This has been a hectic weekend with many volunteers working on various projects before the rainy season could fall upon us.  By  evening today, we could see that the central portion of the main building has a new metal roof which should last many decades, the ramp was repaired and the roof on the ramp’s landing completed, interior painting almost completed and much more.  It felt as if a huge wave of energy rushed through the monastery, repairing and remodelling  what had to be done.  We have always told our people that this is their spiritual home and they should look after it, which they certainly have done.  Perhaps next year the roof of the west wing, the tallest of the three, will also get a new roof  so we should not have any leakage.  A thousand thanks [as they say in Denmark] to all the volunteers who worked so hard to complete these difficult and time consuming jobs.  The Georgians, too, have not neglected their project and they are completing the gazebo which will enable people to sit outdoors out of any rain.  This has been most exiting and uplifting for all of us.  

One thought to “SUNDAY 29 SEPTEMBER 2019”

  1. Hi cousin, I hope you are doing well. I thought of you when I was reading about the Varlaam Monastary in Meteora, Greece. Luckily, I stumbled across your blog. I really love reading about your activities. Keep it up!
    Email me some time.

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