Vladika Lazar was due for an MRI at the Abbotsford Hospital, so I drove him there early in the morning.  After letting him off, I found a close parking spot and went in to the coffee shop where I bought a cup of coffee to sip while waiting for Vladika.  The procedure took about an hour and a half, during which time I nodded off and fell asleep several times.  Each time I was awakened whenever there was a loud noise and finally Vladika appeared and we returned to the monastery.  Some men had begun working before we left, but upon our return there was a whole crew working on replacing the roof of the kitchen, while some Georgians worked on the gazebo they are putting up.  Someone told me that counting all the men and also the women who came to work, there were 27 in all.  May God bless each and everyone for their dedication in spending the entire day to do this necessary work.  It is beginning to get dark and they are still working, so they will have supper before too long.  I cannot thank each person individually, so as a group, may God preserve you for many years!

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