We were warned that the good weather would not last forever and, indeed, it did not, for today brought forth a damp chilliness that made itself known as soon as one stepped outside.  Yet, the adventuresome soul would no doubt have found it to be brisk and full of autumnal joy, at least that is what I had thought until I got my first whiff of this “wholesome” air.  A couple of strong young men accompanied me to church while I was seated on the electric chair [surely there must be a more appropriate name for it] to find visiting Georgians and parishioners from Father Matthew’s church  struggling with the Liturgy, as it was in Slavonic this Sunday.  I expected to leave soon after the Agape meal but, as usual, I became so engrossed in conversations with  those who were present, that I had to be reminded of my weakened condition and the need for some rest.    

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