The much awaited visit of my younger sister Doreen and her children Nicole and Jeff finally arrived today much to my pleasure as I had not seen them for a number of years, except for my nephew who paid a brief visit a few weeks ago.  There was so much to talk about that, after a couple of hours, we went out for lunch.  I was glad that the restaurant was almost deserted because we carried on like people who had not seen each other for decades.  Tomorrow they will visit my older sister in Vancouver, then fly back to Edmonton.  Their visit, although a short one, has done much to cheer me up, or as they say—short but sweet.  I was too exhausted to go to Vespers tonight, but I was informed that James from Washington had arrived, as did Larisa and Ivan from  Victoria so I will have the chance to visit with them tomorrow after the Divine Liturgy.

2 thoughts to “SATURDAY 23 NOVEMBER 2019”

    1. Dear Cheryl:
      Thank you for such kind words. It has reached a point where I cannot tell if people are friends or just asking to be friends. Anyway, good night and sleep tight, V.V.

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