Vladika Lazar was up, dressed and in church long before I was, as I hobbled across the yard and up the stairs with difficulty, for my hip, not the one that had a replacement, but the other one, began to give me pain.  Perhaps it was just the weather that caused it. It was good to see so many people in church and, at the end of the Liturgy, baskets of fruit were blessed even though the feast of the Transfiguration Of Our Lord is tomorrow.  Since it is a work day, many will not be able to attend the service. A number of people stayed all afternoon until Great Vespers began at five o’clock.  Father Shio must have had difficulty in serving the Divine Liturgy in the old church, because he had been in Calgary, Alberta, to serve for the Georgians there, and he drove back, arriving at the monastery at five o’clock this morning.  Still, he is young and can cope with such things.

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