What a wonderful service we had this morning for the feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Since this was a working day, I expected just a few people to come for the service, instead there were almost as many receiving Holy Communion today as there were yesterday.  Thinking that there would be few people present today when I baked the prosphora the other day, I made it quite small and, as a result, there was barely enough for the antidoron at the end of the service.  We had prayers for travel and I was ready to have everyone to come up for a blessing when Father Moses hurried up to whisper that the fruit had not been blessed.  I had completely forgotten about it, so the holy water was quickly brought out to bless the baskets.  Many of the people stayed on for the meal and we had a most pleasant time visiting with each other.  It appears that the last of the blueberries have been picked and made into a compote that was served at today’s meal. 

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