Vladika Lazar went to church at 8 am for the beginning of Matins but I could not do so.  By the time I got up, washed, and dressed, Kyrill was already here to help me with the scooter. It was the first time I used this scooter, driving across to the back door of the main building, up the ramp, and into the long corridor, then out through the main lower door and around to the bottom of the ramp with Kyrill directly behind me in case I had trouble on the wet ramp.  Once on the balcony, it simple to drive into the church and to surprise everyone with my entrance.  After the Liturgy I sat on the newly installed chair lift, surrounded by a number of people, and slowly descended to the second floor from which I walked to the hall with the aid of crutches.  It does sound complicated, does it not?  I stayed on only until about 2:30 when I became tired and so I had to retrace my steps to get back to the cottage.  I shall have to be cautious with the scooter because I think that every kid wants to ride on it.  Since it is difficult for Vladika Lazar and me to bless houses, especially when there are stairs, I was glad that Father Victor agreed to bless  Veronica’s house.  I hope he can do more of this to relieve us.

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