I had such difficulty in falling asleep last night that it was close to four o’clock in the morning before I finally fell asleep.  This sleep was so deep that when I woke up about ten in the morning I felt like a zombie.  Eventually this wore off and I once again became a human being even though I was unsteady on my feet.  As well, the bouts of pain became less frequent.  Several people came to work—Vladimir installed a system for the cottage so that whenever there is a power failure, the generator will kick in automatically.  Danny, Vanya and Anna helped to dig a trench for the conduit from the work shop to the cottage for this automatic system.  Andy was busy helping Vladimir and Sorin, who was installing a lift  between the new church and the hall leading into the kitchen, mainly for me, as at times it is impossible for me to climb the stairs.  I am so grateful for all this help, although I worry that the children might try to take over the lift and use for fun.  That is where I shall have to ask Father Moses to to step in to crack a whip and to become a disciplinarian.  A moment ago I heard Andy drive the scooter here to use in the morning. I shall have to ask him for help in the morning as I go on the scooter across to the main building and through the back door, then along the corridor and outside again in from of the library, then up the long ramp to the church. Some time ago Jonathan made several ramps, one for each doorstep to make it easier to cross the thresholds. Evgeny just walked in a few moments ago with several bouquets of flowers from himself and Galina who is still in Moscow. Dima brought us a loaf of his special black bread which most Canadians would not like, while most East Europeans would salivate just at the thought  of such bread.

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