This was another muggy day, so you can imagine how we felt with several layers of cloth in our vestments.  Even some scantily clad women had to fan themselves.  Each year we go through this procedure, complaining about the heat, knowing very well that in a few weeks we will be complaining about the rain or the cold, but such is life.  It was good to see a number of people back from their holidays both here and abroad.  We had prayers for those who will be returning to their studies, and this included children from kindergarten to adults returning to university.  Thank you to those of you who provided us with a supply of cutlery and cups, much needed for the Agape meals.  If I might make a complaint, it is that there is not enough food brought for the meal.  Father Moses and I, for example, are held back by people wanting to speak to us and, by the time we come to the hall, there often is almost nothing left.  People have remarked that some fill their plates as if they have not eaten for days which means that others will have less.  Please be thoughtful of others and the best way to do that is to bring more food.  If food is left over, we always have people at the monastery to feed.  Thank you for taking this advice and may God bless you.

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