I found today to be muggy [that is an interesting description, is it not?] and somewhat oppressive and difficult to endure during Vespers.  In fact, Father Moses almost lost his voice, but we managed.  Our pious Romanians were here most of the day working outside in this mugginess, as did some of them yesterday.  It is impressive to see their determination to complete whatever task they have taken upon themselves, wishing to complete as much as possible before the rains appear.  In the morning we baptized one year old Dominic who was ever so jolly, smiling and enjoying the whole service much as did his sister who was baptized a couple of years ago.  He was particularly intrigued by my beard and wanted to stroke it, although some babies are frightened by it.  While I was walking across the lawn, a big, black and furry squirrel crossed my path much to my astonishment, as I have not seen another one this year.  Even though they are rodents, they are endearing.

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