This has been an emotional day.  It was close to five o’clock in the morning before I could fall asleep so I was in no condition to go to church, yet I struggled, managed to get up, and dressed and, with Andy’s help I was in church not long before Holy Communion.  The pain in my back and left leg was terrible and people could notice the agony that I was in, so that there was an emotional exchange of tears and sobbing.  I would not let the pain keep me from receiving the Holy Gifts.  Father Victor served the memorial litany which was followed by the Akathist to the Icon Joy Of  Canada.  Our spirits were uplifted by these two additional services and the strong voices that filled the church.  The Agape meal was more than abundant and Vladika Lazar was pleased with the number of people who came to his spiritual talk.  During much of the afternoon I experienced little pain which is why I stayed until almost six o’clock before returning to the cottage.  The frightfully painful day ended with great feelings of joy and I must thank all those who have prayed on my behalf, the unworthy sinner that I am.  You cannot imagine how wonderful it feels to be surrounded by such loving and caring brothers and sister in Christ.   

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