Saturday, May 18, 2019

As a group of people walked up to the monastery entrance, Father Moses remarked on how big the baby was, “He is huge and how are we going to fit him in the baptismal font?”  “No,” replied I, “you are mistaken because he has a beard  and is as tall as you.”  There was obviously something wrong with our conversation. From where I was standing at the window I could not see the baby and thought that he was talking about the person who was to be the godfather. At any rate, it was sorted out when they entered and we had a chance to see the baby who actually was about fourteen months old.  We even had an opportunity to use a bit of Spanish with one member of the family.  Andy tells us that the bear keeps snooping around the cottage early each morning, but none of us has yet had a head-to-head encounter with it.  Kyrill took Father Moses for a ride into the woods near the fish hatchery and, being eternally curious, he took a side road to look at a few scattered house deep in the woods.  Just as they drove up to one gate, four ferocious dogs charged at the car, actually jumping on it.  Needless to say, our adventurers scurried back to the monastery as quickly as they could.

One thought to “Saturday, May 18, 2019”

  1. Yes Vladyka, those dogs were nasty, they definitely wanted to kill us if they could reach inside. Next time I see David (David), I will ask him who was that friendly neighbor of his, he probably should know.

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