Sunday, May 19, 2019

I had no sooner stepped into the hall, on my way to the church this morning, when Misha rushed up to inform me that he had caught a bat in the hall when he had arrived.  There were three of them, in fact, but two of them escaped. Naturally, this caused commotion later, as he informed everyone who arrived.  This should be a lesson for all—keep the doors shut.  We find it difficult to understand why people will often leaved doors open here at the monastery.  I am certain that they would not do so at home, but here, in the middle of nature, any creature can easily come in if doors are left open.   Perhaps the only solution is to have doors that automatically shut.  I felt that Vladika Lazar gave an excellent sermon today, so do try to listen to it, assuming that you have a computer.  An enthusiastic small group enjoyed filling vials with holy oil, in fact, Elia said that she kept thinking of this the entire week.

One thought to “Sunday, May 19, 2019”

  1. I hope ALL the garage was taken away by friendly visitors by the end of the day. Please do. Any garbage which is left over exhibits nasty smell in a short while, correspondingly attracting all kind of creatures in with no exception to tons of flies. Would you do it at your home?

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