Friday, May 17, 2019

Some things had to be picked up in Abbotsford, so Vladika Lazar drove there and, after picking up what we had ordered, I went to a store called No Frills and was pleased to find all that was needed and at reasonable prices.  Then, it was my turn to drive, so I drove back all the way to the monastery, feeling like a teenager who has just received his first driver’s licence.  Andy was to have come to caulk the space at the foundation where some mice have been entering the cottage, but he has not done so yet.  Can you imagine—a slug was caught in a mouse trap this morning!   Thanks to Kyrill, all the garbage that had accumulated over the days was hauled away and the cottage now is more what it should be—clean, airy and liveable.

One thought to “Friday, May 17, 2019”

  1. Dear Vladyka, it is Kirill, not Kyrill, I almost sure of it. However, Kyrill sounds more interesting as a combination of Kirill and Cyril.
    I shall see you soon again, hopefully on Thursday evening. Cannot wait having a cup of tea with you and father Moses

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