Friday, May 10, 2019

There was a bit of confusion about Father Moses and his birds.  He resuscitated the humming bird one day and a robin the following day.  He managed to photograph the humming bird while holding it, but the photo was not available that evening, so it was shown the following day when I wrote about the robin.  At any rate, I hope that he does not have to deal with the ravens which, by the way, seem to have left.  Actually, Father Moses did try to befriend them and, who knows, he might have asked them to move to another place.  Our dear friend Thomas left this morning and is now back in Iowa.  He promised to return for another visit later this year.  Vladika Lazar and I must have looked unusual this afternoon as we walked while downtown, he with two canes and I with two crutches,  but what matters most is that we were mobile.

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