How tempting it was to sleep all morning but it was not to be.  Someone called early and talked for a long time, so the temptation to sleep more had completely vanished.  Besides, it was Saturday and there was much to be done.  Kirill’s chihuahua Mimi spent part of the day with us.  I must admit that I am not fond of chihuahuas with their constant yapping that gets on my nerves but Mimi is absolutely different.  She is quiet and seldom creates any noise, although she did let us realize that she was hungry and wanted to eat now and not later.  If only more dogs could be like her, this world would be different and much better.  No doubt many would not agree with me, but if they had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with Mimi they would agree with me.  Our weeping willow trees are magnificent this year, better than they have ever been, especially in one area where they have created a lush and green tunnel.  Their foliage is so thick that one could easily think that they had been fed some extra potent fertilizer.

One thought to “SATURDAY 8 JUNE 2019”

  1. Vladika, perhaps it is those bears who had been eating the grape vines, leaving enough droppings to make the willows extra beautiful as thank you :)

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