I had the opportunity to meet and converse with a number of people who were here for only the second or third time in addition to those who came for the very first time. Of course it is difficult to carry on a long conversation after the Agape meal with people milling about, some simply wanting a blessing before leaving, while others have questions to ask that cannot be answered in a couple of minutes.  Subdeacon Igor’s nephew Pavel, who just arrived for a visit from Romania, served together with his uncle in the altar. I had wanted to ask him about his impressions of Canada, but he has not had time to see or do much yet.  I was shown photos of some of our men who had gone fishing and the fish that they had caught. We live in an area where much fishing can be done in lakes, rivers and streams. Incidentally, just a short distance from the monastery there are many sturgeon in the Fraser River that are hundreds of years old and they can weigh hundreds of pounds.  Fortunately they are protected, but just think of what it would be like to catch a four hundred pound sturgeon which would be enough to feed a huge family for a year [or two?]

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