Vladika Lazar dropped me off at the superstore before going for his physiotherapy.  For the last three years it was an ordeal to shop there due to its size and the pain in my hip that was caused by having to walk great distances in this megastore.  Today, on the other hand, I spent an hour and a half shopping and actually enjoying it since there was no pain involved. I found myself going up one aisle and down another, and even from one end of the store to the other.  That counted for more than a day’s exercise in addition to which I was able to pick up many needed things.  Moreover, I was able to push the cart to the very end of the parking lot without becoming  exhausted, something that I would never have dreamt of doing a few weeks ago.  I even stopped to speak to one of the bakers about the problem I have been having with the top crusts of some of the prosphoras cracking, and she suggested that the heat was too high, so I bought another jar of yeast to bake a prosphora today. Indeed, there was no crack on the crust so I shall keep experimenting until I can, once more, bake perfect prosphoras.      

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