We had strong winds once again this evening which led us to think that there would be a power loss  and even though we did not have one, it was a great reminder that winter has set in and we can  expect such weather at any time.  It is true that there are flowers still blooming but sooner or later the Arctic front makes itself known.  Nothing could have made me happier than when I found a pair of winter gloves this morning and simply putting them on made me feel that I could take on any form of winter weather.  Some of the female care givers arrive poorly dressed in the morning and I tell myself that if they can do that, then why cannot I?  The answer lies in the difference of age and condition of health and I no longer wish that I could have that agility that they do.  I had it once in my youth and I guess that  was meant to be enough for a lifetime.  The strong and cold wind and rain kept everyone at home, so that only Father Moses and Father Shio showed up for Vespers and I have a feeling that it will be much the same for tomorrow’s Liturgy.                        

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