This last day of 2018 was ideal, warm by winter standards, enough sun and many thoughts about the entire past year.  In a few minutes we will be going to the new church to celebrate the new civil year, remembering, meanwhile, that the Church’s new year begins in September.  It has been a good year, all in all, in spite of Vladika Lazar’s stroke and cancer operation, yet today he took his first few steps without a walker or any canes.  We ourselves have become a year older and a year closer to our departure from this life, yet there is still a lot of steam left in us and, just like old steam engines, we chug along, ever grateful for all that Christ Jesus has given us, unworthy though we are, and ever grateful for all the loving people who constantly surround us and without whom we would feel orphaned. Thank you  Dear Lord, and bless us in the new year that we might praise and glorify Thy most Holy Name with all the Saints whose relics lie in the two churches here at the monastery.  Please give us, and those who surround us, the strength and wisdom to continue on the paths set forth for us. Forgive us our sins and enable us to emulate Thy love for our neighbour and for all mankind so that, as we enter into 2019, we can boldly proclaim GLORY TO GOD FOR ALL THINGS.

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