It has been another nice day with the weather nice, warm enough, and the sun coming out in the afternoon.  What more can one ask for?  Misha is still not feeling well, so Andy started a fire in the hall, just enough to keep us comfortable for the Agape meal.  The Liturgy was combined with Father Shio serving with Father Alexey and Deacon Markel and, as a result, we heard both Church Slavonic and Georgian in the Liturgy.  Ever since Reader Markel was ordained and became Deacon Markel, and away from the readers’ stand, the singing on Slavonic Sundays has become weaker.  We need more skilled singers for both Matins and Liturgy for the Slavonic services.  We know that you are out there, so please come and help the singers.  Reader Dmitry read the life of Prophet Daniel and the three youths from the ancient volume [anywhere from 375 to 400 years old] and it was an experience for the congregation to hear it being read in an old language.  Our Old Ritualist friends Anysim Kalugin and his son Zenon, sang for us after the Agape meal, using the ancient notation and melodies, mainly from Matins services.     

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