Monday, May, 2019

After a good night’s sleep, one would think that it would be easy to get up in the morning, yet I felt like sleeping for another couple of hours.  Once I was up there was much to do.  Being old does not mean that one has to be idle.  Once again, at the post office, the postmistress wanted us to take a kitten or two, and how tempting the offer was.  Alas, it would be difficult for us to look after a kitten so we refused the offer.  I took Father Moses to the Clearbrook Library where, while waiting for him, I sat down to read a newspaper when suddenly Glyko appeared before me.  What a surprise, but we had a pleasant chat before she left to return home.  Later we bumped into Daniel, whom we have not seen for a couple of years and we had a short but nice visit with him as well.  We were informed of our annual property tax and, although it was sizeable, we paid it and now we have to wait for the annual dyking tax to be sent to us.  People are often surprised that we have to pay both property and dyking taxes, thinking that since we are a religious institution, we should be exempt

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