Sunday, May 26, 2019

I had problems with my computer yesterday so I had to use Vladika Lazar’s computer, but the voice recognition microphone was on part of the time and thus there were some errors.  The two names were not supposed to be Aviate and Georghe, but Ovidiu and Gheorghe.  Sorry about that.  I am using my own computer today and it feels good that it is behaving properly.  The Slavonic Liturgy was served well and Reader Dmitry gave an excellent sermon, though unfortunately it was not filmed.  We read the prayers for travel for Nataliya who is going to Kazakhstan and other places for a month and a half, and she will be missed especially at the next Slavonic Liturgy.  The weather turned warmer and drier, causing many of us who are old and arthritic to complain about our painful joints.  We received joyful news from our friends in Moscow, who specialize in aerial photography, that they will visit us in early October, after which they plan to do a good deal of photography of Orthodox churches in Alberta.

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  1. I’m so glad the weather is nicer, and that technology is cooperating again :) Looking forward to seeing those photos published in the future! I pray that Vladika Lazar and Vladika Varlaam are healthy and strong. 🌸

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