I was late in coming to church, as Matins was well under way and the first people to be present, aside from the clergy and chanters, were Evgeny and his wife Ezra, both of whom are Turkish speaking.  We had baptized Evgeny last year and this was the first opportunity to meet his wife who is currently living on Cyprus together with their daughter.  I hope that the family can be reunited here in Canada in the near future.  Father Sevastian concelebrated with Vladika Lazar and he must have found it easy because today the Liturgy was served in Slavonic.  I am anxious to see the ramp tomorrow, as it has been completed, that is, the new coating with the non-skid surface.  What a great job was done in Vladika Lazar’s little garden with the small Japanese weeping maple in the middle of an area covered with white stones and a rock in the shape of a wave, in fact, it almost took my breath away when I saw it.  Once again, many thanks to everyone who continues to work in maintaining and improving the monastery and its grounds.  

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