Farher Moses accompanied me to Abbotsford as I had an appointment with the specialist who informed me that things are improving and, at the same time, somewhat deteriorating, if that makes sense.  He did assure me that I should be around for some time yet, which was comforting.  Before leaving the city, we briefly stopped at the Public Library and, on the way out, a man who was walking in our direction smiled and said, “Good afternoon, gentlemen.”  I felt like awarding him a prize for his good mannered greeting. Nowadays we would probably hear, “Hi, you guys.” One of the Natalias spent the afternoon weeding in the heat of the day; bless her for that.  An icon of Jesus Christ has disappeared from the altar of the new church, in fact, we noticed that some time ago and we have been searching for it ever since, but to no avail.  If someone borrowed it for whatever reason, please return it, as it matches the icon of the Theotokos on the other side of the altar.

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