Several volunteers came to help us prepare for this Sunday’s feast the “Theotokos, Joy Of Canada” in addition to upkeeping the monastery grounds.  They also picked blueberries, informing us that they are so huge and sweet that the slightest touch causes them to fall to the ground.  At the same time a group of challenged young people came for a visit, the first time this year, although usually such groups come fairly regularly.   After Vladika Lazar had conversed with them, they were offered refreshments.  I had to visit my eye specialist which usually takes about one hour, but today I was in his clinic all afternoon.  This has never happened before but this week he was on call, and all emergency cases get prior treatment.  I really did not mind, considering that the report was good and my sight is still in good shape.  Andy had arranged for [I think] fifteen truck loads of soil to be brought in to be spread in the east field so that this area will be able to be used productively.

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