It was difficult to get up this morning and even after Vladika Lazar had gone to church, I was very slow in getting ready.  Eventually I got there but with some difficulty.  When the Liturgy was about to begin, the bells had to be rung, so I stepped out into the belfry and rang the bells, but upon leaving the belfry I stumbled and fell back against the wall which was not significant.  When I left the altar and stepped down from the amvo, my left leg gave out and I fell backward, just while the Doxology was being sung.  For a second there was absolute silence then some gasps, and then people came running  to help me up.  I was helped to my usual place but I felt that I did not wish to hear confessions.  Eventually I went into the altar for Holy Communion, feeling much better. We were so pleased to have had Father Victor serving with us today which might have been somewhat difficult for him, as he was used to a slightly different way of serving,  Nevertheless, everyone was more than satisfied with his presence and I hope that he will be able to serve with us for a long time in the future.

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