Gurdeep, the male home care worker came this morning to tend to both of our needs, starting with Vladika Lazar who left for the church as soon as Gurdeep had completed his list of chores and began on my list.  I have no idea why I had been resisting  his help all this while because he did everything from giving my face a light wash to washing my feet, to helping me with my socks, shoes, pants, shirt, etc. What would have taken me an hour to accomplish, Gurdeep did in just a few minutes which really is not surprising since this is his profession at which he is very good.  Andy then accompanied me to church, walking briskly by my side as I bravely drove the electric scooter.  By the time half the congregation came up for a blessing, it was time for me to enter the altar to prepare for Holy Communion. After dismissal I had to be seated for the prayers for those who are about to travel and all went well until I was handed  the holy water.  Not only did those in front get a good douseing but I even managed to soak myself and, as usual, our holy water enthusiasts stretched out their arms to receive more. We bade farewell to David, Anna and Steve who will leave for home early in the morning long before the rising of the sun.  Fortunately, we shall be able to hang on to Stavroula for an extra day before she, too, departs making us feel like parents whose children have come home for a brief visit and are now leaving us once again.   

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