Daily Diary, 8 June, 2020

This was a long day with quickly changing weather. For one part of the day, it was cold, then the sun came out and it was warm. Later, the sun was covered with thick and dark clouds and it again became cold and rather damp.

Since this is a fast free week, I am going to do a good deal of experimenting in the kitchen. There is some wonderful soup, well, actually two versions of the same soup and both delicious and healthy. One of the soups is made of pureed carrot and squash and the other is similar but with the addition of some hot spices. Both are equally delicious soooo, I am going to mix them together and this should make an interesting combination.

Now that we can have eggs, this adds to the cooking ingredients with which to work. One dish that is in the planning stage is an omelet made with “mock chicken” which is a vegetarian sliced loaf. This can be fried or cooked in the microwave and then chopped, blended with minced onions (lots of onions) and button mushrooms; all added to the omelet mixture.

From a discussion today, it was possible to learn the secret of coating vegetables for such things as onion rings, zucchini rounds and so on. With this new knowledge, I am going to try making onion rings and will let the diary know the end results.

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