Daily Diary, 7 June, 2020

Today is the feast day of Pentecost. We began with the reading before the Liturgy and then began the service in the big church. Archbishop Lazar and Father Shio served and Father Moses was the chanter. Natasha attended the service and assisted Fr Moses in the chanting, which went quite well. Following the completed Pentecost service, there was a luncheon which had been prepared by some of the Russian people who came after the Liturgy and who also made tea. The lunch was a brief time for being together, sharing a meal and a chat.

Once again, the diary wants to remind the readers of the coming blessing of the headstone of Vladika Varlaam, and the brief memorial at the grave. This will take place at the Heritage Garden Cemetery in Surrey.[Photos:. Father Moses continues his photographic exploration of our own monastery. Pictured below are an antique rambling world – incidentally, one of Vladika Varlaam’s favourites. Yellow water irises, forget-me-nots and the huge rocks among the grass, because father Moses loves textures when he photographs.] It gives us real pleasure to know that we are going to leave behind a beautiful place for the next generation of monks, as well as for the congregations of the faithful who also put a great deal of love and labour into the monastery.

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