Friday, January 25, 2019

Today we commemorate Saint Tatiana and so we would like to congratulate all those who have this name and wish them a prosperous and peaceful life, good health and success in all things.  We were most pleased with the new woman who was sent to us by our local community services, mainly to assist Vladika Lazar by cleaning the cottage. She spends the full time allotted  for her and she cleans evry room from top to bottom. This service is subsidized locally and we are grateful for it.  We also received a parcel from Ekaterina and Mikhail in Moscow who sent us the 2019 Russian Orthodox Old Believer calendar [or the year 7527] as Father Moses was especially keen on seeing it.  They also sent us packets of aerial view cards of churches taken in Alaska, Pennsylvania and Dewdney, that is, our own monastery.  May God bless them for their kindness.  For about a year and a half we have not blessed any homes because of our poor health, but tonight we were able to bless two homes which we were able to accomplish successfully, mainly with the assistance of Father Moses.  God willing, we might be able to continue such house blessing, or at least as long as our health enables us to do so.   

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