Thursday, January 24, 2019

Lija, Galina and Elena arrived at noon to do as much house work as they could, for little has been done for the past couple of weeks or so.  They vacuumed, dusted, and scrubbed until everything shone.  They were going to prepare lunch for us, but our mysterious lady was here early in the morning and prepared a large pot of borshch and a pasta dish which we enjoyed in the early afternoon.  I really do not know who this wonderful person is, but I must say that she prepared wonderful and delicious food for us, wishing to remain anonymous.  After all the cleaning and doing the laundry, our volunteers prepared supper for us, so that we were terribly spoiled today, not that I am complaining.  By the time I had finished some proofing and editing, there was little time to accomplish anything else.  As I prepared to walk back to the cottage, Lija and Elena accompanied me, carrying all the laundry since I was walking with two canes and could not help them.  It was  pitch black outside without even the slightest breeze when at once we heard the eerie sound of yapping coyotes, then the hooting of  one owl.  We are used to this, but the ladies accompanying me were thrilled to hear these sounds of nature.  We are surrounded by all this beauty which we love and appreciate. 

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