Friday, April 26, 2019

Before Father Vasili could retire for the night last night, a bat suddenly appeared  and, no matter how hard he and Father Moses tried to catch it, the bat evaded them.  Mind you, they are excellent mosquito catchers.  As well, Father Vasili’s lost baggage was delivered this morning to his great relief.  The service tonight proceeded well until, suddenly, Vladika Lazar suddenly fell, having caught his toe on the carpet.  The service came to an immediate halt as men rushed to pick him up.  Naturally, we were all concerned, but he was well and we continued with the Lamentations and later the outdoor procession.  I was greatly relieved when the service ended, as it is quite long and I felt cold and tired after having had a painful day.  Now all is well and we are prepared for tomorrow when, at midnight, we celebrate Christ’s Holy Resurrection.

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