Thursday, April 25, 2019

Father Vasili arrived today from Florida after an extended and exhausting journey.  He left Fort Lauderdale an hour later because of bad weather in Texas which meant that when he arrived in Fort Worth, he missed his connecting flight to Vancouver and he had to sit and wait much of the night.  Upon arriving in Vancouver, he found that his suitcase had not been put on his plane.  By the time he drove in a rental car to the monastery he could scarcely stay awake, so we insisted that he take a prolonged rest.  The Thursday evening service of the reading of the twelve Gospels was touching, as it always is, but I felt so sad that few people came for this important service. There were few of His friends and followers present when Christ was crucified, and tonight it felt the same in church, as if we, His followers had abandoned Him. Forgive us, O Lord!

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