How can a week pass by so quickly?  I arose Monday morning and all of a sudden it is Saturday evening.  There certainly can be no complaints about time passing by too slowly.  I did not get to see the roof some of the men built over the landing on the ramp, but I am confident that it is good, and something that I have dreamed about for a long time.  The tippy tap of the hammers was music to my ears.There were more people than usual at Vespers and, for supper, there really was not enough room for everyone in the refectory yet we managed to fit in somehow. Marina brought enough food to feed everyone, Margarita brought yellow and purple plums and peaches from her own nursery and, for dessert, Alba brought baclava that her grandmother had made and sent with Alba from Albania.  Georgeta brought dahlias the size of dinner plates, in beautiful colours of orange, gold and purple, truly breathtaking.

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