One of the regular home care workers was here this morning, doing all that she is supposed to do, yet I felt somewhat uncomfortable after she left. An hour or two later I could scarcely endure the pain in  my left foot, particularly the big toe and I could not think of any reason why this was so.  Finally, I looked down at the shoes and they did not look quite right.  That was because she put the wrong shoes on the feet, that is, the right shoe was on the left foot which is why I felt the pain.  In future, I shall have to check the shoes to make certain that they are on the correct feet.  In the afternoon, Oscar came with his parents and another gentleman, bringing us a pot of chorba, in this case, a Turkish lentil soup in addition to a large bowl of Turkish beans.  As you can guess from this, they are a Turkish family full of love for the monastery.  Oscar and his wife Galina had been to Italy, Ukraine and Russia and as Galina is staying on for another month or so in Moscow, Oscar brought back souvenirs from many of the holy places and hundreds of photos that he had taken.   

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