We have several areas where the grass must be cut: the upper and loser lawns, the western lawn, and the area around the memorial in the field.  Davey was busy today mowing in all of these areas in preparation for this weekend.  Lija phone today to inform us that everything is under control as far as food, utensils in the dining hall, and produce are concerned, and that is a great relief.  Father James and Presvytera Irene Matta have arrived from California for the feast, although I have not yet seen them, but Vladika Lazar visited with them.  They had a long journey and we all are thankful for their safe arrival.  I had a terrible fright a while ago when I leaned over too far in the computer chair to pick up some papers that had fallen on the floor.  Suddenly the chair upset and I went flying onto the floor, but not knowing how to get up.  Fortunately my mobile phone was in my shirt pocket and I reached Father Moses who quickly came to help me.  With a lot of struggle, I managed to get up very slowly and finally, to stand up.  It was a relief to have nothing broken, with only a few bruises to show for my carelessness. Do you remember seeing the robins’s eggs in the nest?  The chicks have hatched and now we need someone very tall to photograph them—any volunteers?

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