No one has been able to identify the boy photographed with me as it appeared on 22 July.  Actually, it was taken in Salt Lake City, Utah, about thirty years ago, as you can tell by my bushy and full beard which now is just a shadow of its former beauty.  The boy is Sebastian Frank, the son of Reader Nicholas and Meredith Frank whom we have known for decades and it was on one of the trips to Salt Lake City that this photo was taken.  Meanwhile, Sebastian has not only grown up but is married and has a family.  How quickly time passes.  Father Moses and I sat at the piano in the reception room this afternoon and sang, as we used to do many years ago.  Really, I do not know why we do not do it more often, as it was pleasant singing various tropars and other parts of the liturgy both in English and Slavonic.  Our harmonizing was perfect and we both felt that we had been missing some of the joy we once had of sitting at the piano and singing.  Of course, it is much easier with the piano guiding us, but some of the time we sang without it and still managed to end on the right notes. 

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