I did not venture out today, knowing that visitors were coming at various times.  Actually, Vladika Lazar was able to receive most of them which freed me for other responsibilities.  I examined the huge shipment of candles that we recently received and, as there was no other place to store them, the boxes were put in the library. I felt saddened seeing all the books we have in the library, many of which I have read, a few even twice or thrice, but countless other ones will never get read.  We really have so many resources, if only there were people to make use of them, perhaps one day in the future they will.  After Great Vespers we had a baptism.  We always baptize  either late in the morning or early in the afternoon, but for various reasons, today’s baptism made it necessary to have it in the evening.  Six year old Augusta was to have been baptized in Cyprus, but somehow circumstances did not allow it, then the same happened at the Kiev Caves Monastery, but now it was possible to do it here at our monastery. 

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