Daily Diary, 8 July, 2020

This was another fairly relaxed, though warm day. As before, there were hordes of mosquitoes that made any journey outdoors most uncomfortable. As a result, I was once again indoors, doing a bit of research on the computer, working on an icon and also still trying to master use of the little sewing machine.

After going to the big church to check the lampada which burns before the icon of the “Joy of Canada”, I returned to my little place in order to do a bit of vacuuming. Also found a box of paints and was going through them because some of them needed to be discarded, due to having spoiled by completely drying out. With this new box of paints, there are now enough to do some proper paintings.

Later in the afternoon, there was a phone call from the monastery kitchen. Luidmila was visiting and prepared a good, lenten dinner and asked if I would like to join, which I did. One of the dishes she had prepared is a kind of shredded carrots in garlic. Dima had baked a loaf of home made rye bread which was also quite delicious and appreciated. This goes very well with buckwheat kasha and was washed down with another tasty treat, large glasses of blueberry compote.

Following the meal, which was joined by Andy, we had tea, a bit of conversation and then it was time to end the day.

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