Daily Diary, 6 July, 2020

Today was a lovely day from the perspective of the weather: not too hot, a bit sunny but, as was true for yesterday, there were mosquitoes in abundance. I walked into the field to take some photographs and the tall grass was swarming with them. Then I went to photograph near Archbishop Lazar’s little house and again swarms of mosquitoes found my face, hands and even seemed to bite through my clothes. It is tempting to scratch any where that it itches but I did find a remedy: simply rub vodka where ever there are mosquito bites and they almost immediately stop itching.

While walking away from Vladika Lazar’s little house, it was possible to take a photo or two of the work being done on the Georgian construction which is near the memorial crosses. Now there is the foundation of concrete and newly the skeleton of the structure has been erected. It looks like a pretty solid job which could withstand even a large earthquake.

After settling down in the evening, there was a surprise visit from Ivan Kirillovich. He had been on a trip to Vancouver Island and was on his way home. He wanted to stop in just to say hello and so we met and spoke briefly before he had to leave.

Not much to report from the kitchen, today. Dinner was simply a bowl of granola, a peanut butter sandwich and both washed down with a glass of, you guessed it, Inka. The only difference is that I have a container of coconut milk which was used to whiten the Inka. A good way to end another interesting day.

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