Daily Diary, 9 July, 2020

Today is the Thursday that the N.A. people have their meeting at the monastery and once again it was well attended.The meeting took place at the fire pit since it was pretty much a dry and sunny day here at the monastery.

Earlier in the day, we had an interesting lunch during which we were joined by Father Shio, Andy, Liudmila and her son Dima. I don’t know about anyone else but I was quite happy that she made buckwheat kasha as well as a dish of baked black beans which had miniature corn, green beans and chopped onions. These were washed down once again with mugs and glasses of blueberry compote as well as a pot of orange pekoe tea. Dinner was both tasty and relaxing and enjoyed by all.

Dima and Liudmila were working on the monastery grounds and were nearly eaten alive by our aggressive mosquitoes. Andy has also been working many hours to clear away the tall grass and weeds which are sheltering the mosquito larvae. With the two streams also now moving slowly, the mosquitoe population has found more welcoming sites to aid in their reproduction: it is good for them but bad for us.

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