Daily Diary, 4 July, 2020

This day has proved to be an eventful one. Most of the day was spent in a variety of tasks, beginning with the reading of the Saturday prayers for the reposed. As well, I also read a Moleben and the names of a number of people for whom prayers were requested for the next 40 days.

George, Glykho, Ovidiu and Nianna, Father Markel, Sorin and Georgetta and later, Kirill, came to work on various monastery projects. One of the main projects was the removal of part of a wall and the inserting of a new window, in the little house of Archbishop Lazar. This was a lot of work which was accomplished by the end of the day. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of either the work or the completed project.

Besides this, a lot of work was done in the area of cleaning, cleaning and cleaning, in preparation for the Liturgy to be held on Sunday. Not only was the church and hall and various other areas cleaned but all was disinfected carefully as well.

I almost forgot to mention that we did have tea and lunch which was enjoyable and a welcome break from all the activities.

The ending of the day was the serving of Vespers which took place at 19.00 in the big church. Sorin and Georgetta helped with the chanting and Glykho lent her prayerful support to the service. A great end to an exhausting day..

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