Daily Diary, 3 July, 2020

Here we are already at the ending of the week, Friday. This has turned out to be a chilly, overcast and very rainy day.

There is not a lot to report to the diary but still a bit happened. For one thing, Fr Moses completed proofreading the first section of Archbishop Lazar’s future volume on the subject of the Book of Revelation. This was returned to Archbishop Lazar and the second section collected so that it might be proofread and editorial comments added.

In the area of kitchen adventures, today was a day for fried kasha with a lot of onions and our favourite seasoning, “Mrs Dash”.

One of our friends on the American side of the border has mentioned in a recent email that the American border is to open on 21 July, which is a Tuesday and not so very far away.

While there was still light, it was possible to go outside and capture a few interesting views of the area near the memorial crosses as well as one of our mysterious “forest”.

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