Daily Diary, 2 July, 2020

Another muggy day at the monastery. It is cloudy and gray but still warm. As a result, it was possible to go out and take a number of photographs of the grounds. A number of people have brought beautiful bouquets of flowers and set them up at the memorial crosses which are near the barn. Andy had been busy mowing that area and clearing away a lot of weeds so it looks quite good.

I don’t know if it is due to all the mowing and clearing away the weeds but for the passed few days, the mosquitoes have been terrible. After walking from my door and a short distance down the road, there were bites over my arms and face and the mosquitoes even had bitten my legs, right through the denim fabric. Frogs are supposed to eat tonnes of mosquitoes but they are just not doing their job these days!

The N.A.people were here once again to hold a meeting. It didn’t rain so they were able to have a bonfire and the meeting outdoors, near the gatehouse. A lot of people are now attending these meetings and thankfully they do clean up after themselves so that when they leave, a person passing the spot would not know that any meeting had taken place, except for the embers in the fire pit.

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