Daily Diary, 30 June, 2020

This day proved to be fairly relaxing and an introduction to the coming secular holiday of Canada Day. Actually, not much happened that is out of the ordinary except that my friend Kirill came for a visit and did some cleaning. I took several photographs of him with the garden hose and sprayer in hand, just to prove that he was actually here.

The second set of photographs are of the myriads of slugs that seem to be invading the monastery grounds. With all the rain we have been having, they are multiplying rapidly and becoming an annoying part of monastery life. Any of the plants that touch the ground seem to be targets for their voracious appetites.

More work was done on making attempts to straighten up the monastery library. This is a difficult task since we have books in several languages and dealing with a number of subjects. Thankfully, the books are slowly and progressively being organized which is good since there is a lot of useful material on subjects such as iconography, architecture, theology. Any time that someone wishes to donate Orthodox books, feel free to enquire. We do wish to be consulted, however, since in the past people have donated or given materials which were not appropriate and so do need to be checked beforehand. The same applies to the donation of icons.

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