Daily Diary, 19 June, 2020

This day has proved to be rather productive but still allowed for a bit of relaxation.

On the productive side, I found a vacuum cleaner which is light weight and functional so brought it over in order to vacuum a few spots which were in need of cleaning. As well, work has begun on the proofreading of the new book which Archbishop Lazar is planning to publish; this project will take a bit of time because I go over any manuscript several times in order to check my corrections as well as the manuscript itself.

When returning from the kitchen, I spotted a young rabbit which was eating grass seed on the slope. Surprisingly, it wasn’t afraid and allowed me to get very close in order to photograph it in action. Most nature shots of this kind are often blurred because the animals won’t allow the photographer to get very close. The shots that were taken of the rabbit are pretty clear, though I did want to get a shot of it standing on it’s back legs but my reflexes were much too slow. No matter, it was possible to get three good and clear shots.

A few days ago I had taken two loaves of home made bread to Archbishop Lazar. Today he called and asked that they be removed and back to the main kitchen. Neither he nor I can eat these beautifully made breads because they are made of wheat and also have sugar as well as their separate fillings. They now rest in the refrigerator and surely will serve as a treat for Andy when he has tea.

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