Daily Diary, 18 June, 2020

Today was another hot and sticky day. I have spent most of the day indoors in order to stay away from the heat and the overpowering rays of the sun.

The day began with the usual prayers and then I moved on to work on several art projects, one of which is a large framed canvas. A bit later, there was a call from Archbishop Lazar to let me know that the first part of a book he is presently working on, is ready for proofreading, which is one of my favourite jobs.

There was a surprise today. A group of men came to work on the roof of my living area, which has developed several unwelcome leaks over the years. A number of people in the past have made the repairs but these were a very long time ago and, as we have all seen, nothing lasts forever, especially architectural materials. One big and welcome surprise is that they are removing a large black steel tube which is the remainder of a chimney from the spot where we once had a wood burning cook stove/water heater. When the stove was removed, the chimney stayed but was an entrance point for rain, as well as bats and insects. As you might guess, this removal will be very much appreciated and will also improve the appearance of the area.

I couldn’t let the day pass without mentioning my further kitchen adventures. Today I had a wonderful home made vegetable soup. No, I didn’t make it but I certainly am enjoying dining on it, with slices of multi-grain bread, and sometimes rye bread. The bread is toasted and then smeared with peanut butter and today I am using the most delicious hummous you might imagine. This hummous is a kind of salmon colour and I have no idea what are the ingredients but do intend to find out since it is the very best I’ve ever had. It doesn’t taste like any kind of fish so it seems that it is possibly made with tomatoes or ground red peppers or maybe both. I’ll be sure to let the diary know when I find out how it is made.

This evening the N.A. people were here and with the summer, warm weather, they had another out of doors meeting, around the fire pit. Now that summer is here, the number of people attending these meetings seems to be rising once more.

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