Daily Diary, 20 June, 2020

Another relaxed Saturday, well, relatively relaxed. Since today is Saturday, the first order of business is the reading of the memorial service which includes the reading of, literally, hundreds of names.

This was followed by a call to come over to the kitchen where a small group of people had gathered and made a delicious lunch. One of the edible delights was a dessert which was made of cooked oats, blended with sour cherries, lemon, a bit of sweetener and orange paste. It looked a bit strange but was truly a delight soooo, I had to ask how it was made. Already my little culinary computer is taking the recipe and making a few additions, though it is perfect without making any changes to it.

While having lunch, Kirill arrived and stayed for the evening Vesper service. He did a bit more work on the building in which I am staying and then it was time for Vespers. We were surprised by the arrival of Elia who is visiting Vancouver at this time but must return to Toronto on Monday. He helped with the reading of Vespers and acted as the chanter and read some parts in Slavonic from his new Prayerbook which was printed at the Pochaev Monastery Press.

Let me side track for a minute. I looked at Elia’s new prayerbook because I love books and especially appreciate beautifully printed and artistic books. His was both a pious and physically beautiful work of art.

Following the Vesper service, there was a brief meal in the kitchen. This ended with tea and then everyone departing to their own homes.

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